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An appointment at Curl Power starts with an in-depth consultation. You tell us about your hair and we listen. We’ll get to know you so we can customize your services to best fit your specific curl type(s), personal expression, and lifestyle.

Please arrive at all appointments 10 minutes early with your hair dry, down, and detangled so we can see your natural curl pattern and better customize your time with us. Price increases with time and excess detangling. We thank you for your consideration! 


At Curl Power, your time at the sink is all about you. Your cleanse, condition, and style will be completely customized to serve your curl needs. We are your curl coaches, guiding you toward at-home curl success! Our goal is never just to send you out of the salon looking and feeling great, it is always coupled with the intention of giving clients control over their own healthy curly journey and the ability to love their hair the rest of the 300 and some odd days of the year that you won’t be with us.


We use the highest quality products on the market that are chosen for their ability to perform and improve the health of your hair. We want the best for you so we test it all out on ourselves, every single day. If it isn’t safe enough for our hair, we never use it on you!

All of our products are completely water soluble, free of silicones, sulfates and parabens, plant based and as natural as possible. We have a range of products to fit your needs, including certified organic, fragrance free and gluten free.  Please discuss any allergies, sensitivities or other preferences with your stylist so that your visit can be healthy and enjoyable. DevaCurl® is our primary product line, and is at the forefront of curl care. We take every opportunity to learn more about all of our products to better serve your needs. Please note that our stylist Carolyn Long carries DevaCurl® but may or may not carry different products to use in service for her clients than what is carried by the salon listed below, however all retail products can be purchased from the salon by any of our clients.

Available For Retail : DevaCurl® • Jessicurl® • Up North Naturals • HAIRSTORY • Ahnesti® • BUFF® 
Salon Use Only : AFFINAGE Salon Professional • Special Effects • RUSK®PULPRIOT • OLAPLEX® 


Whether it is hair for a special occasion or just a cleanse and style to learn more about caring for your curly coif, we have got you covered. Please call one month or more in advance to book a group or party. Your curls deserve some love. Come in just to wash your hair, pin it up, twist it out or to try some new styling products. All styles include the No-Poo Transformation (cleanse and style with curl education).

Curl Power CLEANSE and STYLE (DevaCurl® No-Poo Transformation Service)

This service can be an in depth curl coaching session for newer clients on how to customize a healthy home routine for their natural curls or for veteran Devas this service can be a fun addition to your regular hair care routine or just to get dolled up for a night out! It starts with a thorough consultation, followed by a DevaCurl® No-Poo Transformation (cleanse and style with customized curl education). Clients can take this opportunity to try DevaCurl® or any one of our many other silicone/sulfate/paraben free professional plant based products.

Twist Out/Rod Set

A customized twist set, roller set, or rod set for clients who want a temporary and damage-free way to elongate and reshape their natural curl. This service includes a cleanse and style. Price can increase due to time requirements for the service. Price quote is available upon initial consultation.

Formal Updo/Wedding Style

Thank you so much for letting us share in your joy! All creative updos include a cleanse and style. For Wedding Styles we do require a Trial Wedding Style at least one week in advance of the wedding to ensure that we are able to capture your nuptial hair goals on your special day. Price can increase depending on complexity of style. Price quote available upon initial consultation.


Are you looking for something new and funky that shows off your texture? Or maybe just trying to find the right stylist who knows how to give a simple and classic shape on your beautiful curls? Maybe you never hated your haircuts, but you never really loved them either. Whether it is trauma from the dreaded “triangle” haircut, or from having too much length cut in past by a stylist that didn’t account for your curl, we have got your back. All of our cuts are customized for you by our stylists who are educated and passionate about texture.

Deva CUT/Deva To-Go CUT

Deva Cuts (or Curly Cuts) are customized haircuts designed for your head using the DevaCurl® method and curl-by-curl cutting on dry hair after a full and thorough consultation. Why dry? Curls and waves live in a bouncy state, so that is how we want to work with them. We want to see them the way they grow, the way you wear them. When your curls are dry and in their natural shape your stylist can better predict where they will live in your new haircut.  We never “thin” or “texturize” curls, and we stay away from combs and brushes, so that curls can retain their full structure all the way from your scalp to the end of the curl.Each curl is cut separately to achieve your desired shape and silhouette. Next is DevaCurl's® No-Poo Transformation Service (cleanse, condition, and finish with curl education) after your cut. You will receive comprehensive education about all techniques and products we recommend for you. We check the cut again after it is dry to account for shrinkage and change in the curl during the cleanse so clients can leave with a fresh style and a new bounce! A Deva To-Go Cut is the Deva Cut without the wash and style. *This service is for returning Devas only who need a quick reshaping and who feel confident in their styling abilities.

Clipper CUT/Clippered Deva CUT

Clipper Cuts are short haircuts that requires the use of a clipper exclusively. For cuts that require an equal combination of clippers and shears due to longer lengths atop the head, please book the Clippered Deva Cut. Each cut begins with a full consultation and includes a cleanse. The Clippered Deva Cut is additionally customized using the curl by curl dry cutting method created by DevaCurl® and is finished with DevaCurl's® No-Poo Transformation Service (cleanse, condition, and finish with curl education).

Straight CUT

For our straight-haired friends and family! This service is for clients who have straight hair when wet and who are interested in a different kind of salon experience with a focus on healthy hair. For our clients that have a loose wave, we still recommend the Deva Cut where we can teach you how to nourish and maximize your texture. Each cut begins with a full consultation and includes a cleanse, condition, and finish with healthy hair education. We have a variety of silicone/sulfate/paraben free products to choose from that are light enough for straight hair.


Color can brighten and enhance a natural look, or it can bring out your inner mermaid. Whether you want your hair to whisper, talk, or SHOUT, we work to achieve your goals while keeping your hair happy and healthy. If you are still unsure what color service is best for you after reading the descriptions below, please give us a call or schedule a consultation prior to booking. Please note that some color services do require an advance consultation (Corrective Color/Rainbow Shades). Price increases due to length and density of hair. Price quote is available upon initial consultation.


One color from roots to ends, our simplest color services. All Over Color services do not include highlights, lowlights, or creative color.


We offer the DevaCurl® patented Pintura highlighting method, developed to create light and shadow along the curls, illuminating your natural shape and adding definition and contrast. The visual effect creates brightness where your curls naturally reflect light. This technique can be applied to create both very natural as well as very dramatic looks-- all customized curl by curl for you!


A consultation is required for this service as pricing and time needed can vary dramatically. Dramatic or subtle, bright shades add a creative flair. We pledge to keep the health of your hair as the foremost priority, and sometimes that means two or more stages of color. A consultation with your stylist before a drastic color change is required to ensure that you get the color you desire. Price quote is also available upon the initial consultation. Join the bright side!


Beautiful or a burden? Whether you want to grow out your silver, blend it in, add a fashion silver, or cover up your pesky "platinum," we've got you covered. For grey/silver coverage, clients may book a root retouch for regular maintenance. For clients wanting to transition back to their own natural grey/silver after covering grey/silver new growth in the past, please book a consultation as this would be a Corrective Color. For clients looking to do grey/silver as a fashion or rainbow shade, please book a consultation as this would be a Rainbow Shades color.


A consultation is required for this service as pricing and time needed can vary dramatically. This service is for clients wanting a dramatic change of color on their previously colored hair. We pledge to keep the health of your hair as the foremost priority, and sometimes that means two or more stages of color. A consultation with your stylist before a drastic color change is required to ensure that you get the color you desire. Price quote is also available upon the initial consultation.


Deep conditioning for thirsty hair is available, as well as detox treatments to free your curls from silicone, chlorine, hard water mineral buildup and other impurities. We now offer Olaplex® treatments for extra protection during lightening and color services or also as a stand alone treatment in between processes, as well as three new signature DevaCurl® restorative treatments. Any of our luxurious healthy hair care treatments and services can be offered stand-alone with a cleanse (see Hair Spa category when booking) or as add-ons to other cut and color services (see Add-On category when booking).
If you are still unsure what treatment is best for you after reading the descriptions below, your stylist can assist you in finding what treatment you can best benefit from after examining your hair and discussing your hair history.


This creamy and luxurious DevaCurl® mask gives extra-dry curls and waves a blast of moisture and softness. It’s formulated with matcha green tea butter to help retain moisture and seal cuticles, beet root extract to improve elasticity and preserve color, and sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids for extra nourishment.


A super powered DevaCurl® strengthening mask gives damaged curls serious TLC. It’s a creamy, lightweight formula that works to restore and revive curls post heat styling or chemical treatments. It gets its magic super powers from the deep blue sea. It contains seaweed to repair and restore hair, sea lavender to moisturize and protect from environmental stress, plus a vegan protein blend which strengthens, reduces breakage/split ends, and increases elasticity.


This DevaCurl® powerhouse removes product buildup, hard water, chlorine, or environmental impurities. And best of all, the Buildup Buster Detox is a one of a kind, silicone/sulfate/paraben free clarifying treatment.

Deep Conditioning SERVICE

A deep conditioning service helps add moisture to damaged or dry hair and can be a terrific regular addition to your monthly hair routine or as a seasonal treatment. We have multiple silicone/sulfate/paraben free deep conditioning options to choose from.


Olaplex® is restorative and protective treatment for damaged hair that is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals. Olaplex® reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are usually broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. This product can be added directly to color or lightener during your color service to help maintain the integrity of the hair or done as a follow up treatment to repair already damaged hair.


We love kids and we want them to grow up loving their curls. We have a variety of specialized services aimed to help kids and their care givers learn how best to keep their little one’s unique curls healthy and happy. Kid Cuts are for little people 6 and under with a less than grown up amount of hair, and a less than grown up attention span. They take less time and are charged accordingly. Many children have an adult amount of hair and their appointment takes just as long as an adult. For these children, please book a Deva Cut. Adjustments to timing and pricing can sometimes be made with your stylist, but we hope to avoid booking too short a time for your child. Please discuss your child’s hair with us when booking your appointment so that we can give your child the best and most helpful attention. Please arrive at the appointment 10 minutes early, with your little one’s hair dry, down, and detangled so we can see their natural curl pattern.


The Kid Cut is a mini Deva Cut for our cutest clients aged 6 and under. We may be unable to perform the service if your little one's hair is not prepped for their appointment. If you need help detangling or styling, please book a Kid Cut + Cleanse and Style as that is not included in the Kid Cut service. Excess detangling begins at an additional $15.


This service is a curl coaching session, guiding the parents and caregivers on how to customize a home routine for their child's unique curls. This is a terrific service for those struggling to detangle or style their little one's hair. It starts with a thorough consultation, followed by a cleanse, condition, minimal detangling and finish, all the while focusing on curl education with our caregivers. It is very important to have your little one's hair prepped for their appointment as this service is 60 minutes long with excess detangling beginning at $15.