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Curl Power Salon is devoted to the care, education, and all around celebration of curly headed folk. We are passionate about what we do and the people we serve. You deserve the best possible salon experience. Comfort! Artistry! Friendly stylists who know what the curl they're talking about. All textures of hair are celebrated here. Bring us your powerful poof, your awesome afro, your springy spirals, your bouncy bouffant!  We revel in the creativity of natural curls and their limitless expression. No matter if it is your first time wearing your hair natural, or if you have worn you curls out every day of your life, we will work with you to cultivate healthy hair and to develop a style that makes you feel like you. At Curl Power Salon we know that diversity makes us strong. In addition to our passion for all hair textures, as a queer owned and operated business we are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We celebrate and encourage all genders and expressions and will work with you to find your perfect look.

Our firm belief as a salon is that you are born perfect just as you are. We know that curly heads are too often misunderstood, so at Curl Power Salon we have created a space dedicated to your needs, your wishes, and your natural power.

Rosie Jablonsky 

Curl Power Founder, DevaCurl® Certified Stylist, and DevaCurl® Educator

Deva Cut: $102

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I found my way to curly hair after career adventures in film making, music, puppetry, circus arts, and many social justice endeavors. My love for art and obsession with self empowerment led me to believe that if I could find a job where looking good, feeling good, being good (to the earth and each other) came together, I'd have it made. It turns out, the best way to live your dream, is to make it happen. Behold, the birth of Curl Power Salon. Artistry, Justice, Empowerment, Beauty.

Originally self taught, I did hair through four years of film school. I entered beauty school in 2007 after deciding I would rather work for myself than for Hollywood. I moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Minneapolis in 2010 to pursue work as a puppeteer. I started my curl education in 2011, became a DevaCurl® educator in 2012, and received my DevaCurl® Certification in 2014. My hair specialties include: creative and adventurous color from rainbow shades to natural tones and easing the process of transition to natural silver and gray. I love creating short and adventurous cuts, and I work with ALL textures of curl from the tightest tiny curl, to the loosest wave. I love a challenge. I especially invite my queer family of all genders to this salon, where we understand the importance of a safe and validating space to find and express who you are.

And, contrary to popular belief, curls and bike helmets CAN live in harmony.

Carolyn Long 

DevaCurl® Certified Stylist, Regional Trainer and Educator for DevaCurl®

Deva Cut: $125

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Curls, to me, are all about fully-realized self love. For a naturally curly person, they are her crown. They are part of the frame that makes her silhouette. A curly person in her natural state is standing in her fully-occupied space. That, to me, is POWERFUL.

I have been working with curls professionally since day one of my hair career. I have trained under DevaCurl® since 2007, meaning this year is my 10 year Deva-versary! I have had the great honor of nationally educating for DevaCurl® since 2011, sharing DevaCurl's® techniques and philosophy at both the NYC and LA academies, as well as in the greater US. I believe wholeheartedly in their message of curl love, curl joy, and curl empowerment.

My particular specialties are highly-textured/super curly hair, especially transitioning into natural.  I also adore work with avant-garde shape, creative color, and curl sets (twists, rods, knots, etc.).  That being said, I have a love for the curly client who "doesn't quite feel curly"-- the woman who lives somewhere between very loose waves and curls.  We ALL have a place along the curl spectrum!

Beyond my curly work, my passions are music, singing, art, nature, the stars, my cat, cooking, football (Go Bears!), and social justice - particularly queer politics, feminism, and battling racial and class injustice. Power to the people and power to the curl!

Miriam McNamara

DevaCurl® Advanced Stylist and DevaCurl® Educator

Deva Cut: $87

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When I became a hair stylist in 2007, I was lucky enough to start working at a salon where the owners had realized that traditional hair cutting, coloring and styling techniques did not provide a satisfactory experience and result for our curly-haired clients, or for the stylists who worked with them. I took my first curl-focused class within a year out of hair school, and I fell in love! I’ve studied the DevaCurl® cutting and coloring techniques extensively, and have been educating stylists for DevaCurl® since 2013.

I just moved to from North Carolina to Minneapolis with my wife, and I’m so excited to get my hands into some Midwestern curls. I specialize in cutting curls of all textures and lengths, beautiful natural-looking color, and both casual and formal styling. I also just love to listen, share, ask questions, connect, and make people feel relaxed, safe, and beautiful.

When I’m not in the salon, you'll catch me writing. My debut novel, a queer young adult historical fiction titled THE UNBINDING OF MARY READE, comes out February 2018 and I couldn't be more excited. I’m also an owner of too many small animals and way too much camping gear. 

Chelsea Stockhaus

DevaCurl® Deva Advanced Stylist

Deva Cut: $72

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Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, I have spent the majority of my life trying to perfect styling my curly hair. After years of horrible haircuts, triangle hair and the dreaded crunchy look, I finally found a curl focused salon while studying for my undergraduate degree in theater and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin Madison. My life was forever changed and at that moment I decided to one day devote myself to helping others embrace their own curl as well.

After graduating from Regency Beauty Institute and another year of turning people into rainbow-haired mermaids in New Orleans under the guidance of Vivids Global Educator Rebecca Taylor, I found my way back to the Twin Cities and attended the DevaCurl® Academy in New York City to become a Level 2: Deva Advanced stylist.

I'm a lover of glitter, Stevie Nicks, dance parties and Beyoncé (preferably all at once). I look forward to working with all curl types and helping everyone embrace their inner unicorns with creative color.

IMG_5295Daisy Giles-U'u

DevaCurl® Deva Advanced Stylist

Deva Cut: $72

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DAISY WILL BE ON MATERNITY LEAVE : August 6th - October 31st 2017

I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota but I have lived in south Minneapolis with my husband for the last several years. I graduated from the University of MN Twin Cities in 2011 where I received my BFA in Art and BA in African American and African History, and most recently from Regency Beauty Institute in December 2015.

I came to hair in a roundabout way. I grew up with wet bathtub haircuts which continued into college. As a teenage, I cut my brother's afro and occasionally also my mother's curls. I fooled around with cutting hair for friends in my college dorm but I never had the intention of being a stylist. My first time stepping into a salon for a service that didn't involve my brows or nails was actually as an adult in my twenties. I was trying to find a way out of a corporate job that would allow me more time to focus on my painting and my relationships while fulfilling some of my creative needs as well. Due to some amazing opportunities at the time and with the encourage of my family, friends, and coworkers, I took the leap that changed my life. I am especially grateful to my fellow stylist and hair bestie Chelsea who introduced me to the revelation that is the curly hair focused salon upon my graduation.  

I love working with my hands. When I am not creating in the salon, I am usually at my home studio creating, painting, drawing, or cooking unless it is the summer time and then I could also just be outside at a lake somewhere. I absolutely love Minneapolis and the people in my community. I pull inspiration for my fine art from my work on hair and vice versa (www.daisygilesuu.com). I especially love working with medium to highly textured Black hair and assisting clients on transitioning from relaxed and heat damaged hair to their healthy natural hair. I also adore bringing more mermaids and unicorns into the world with creative and fashion colors. When those two loves combine and I get to punkify a curly sister and work that black girl magic out on clients, I am in hair heaven! 

We all know the struggle that many curly girls face in finding a stylist who understands their texture. It can be nerve-wracking. I pride myself on not only in helping my clients to feel beautiful when they leave, but also for my clients to really be able to relax during their service and to enjoy our time together. I love to have a good laugh while styling.(I was voted class clown in high school and I take my daily laughter very seriously. It is good for your health!) I can't wait to hang out with you! 

View Daisy's instagram portfolio based your hair interests : 

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Celeste Theisen

DevaCurl® Deva Advanced Stylist

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Kyanna Roland

Curl Specialist In Training - Licensed Stylist


Ash Goergen

Curl Specialist In Training - Licensed Stylist



Nina Ewest

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